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Home Base Support Center

Available: Monday - Friday
7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Phone: 919-807-4357
Email: homebase.incidents@its.nc.gov
(Please do not send an email to this address unless you are a designated school official authorized to submit service desk tickets to Home Base Support Center).

NCDPI Users with Security Rights


The Home Base Service Center is available to answer or resolve many of your technical issues or questions regarding applications which support the NC State Board of Education and Public Education in the K-12 environment.

Please be aware that some of the applications we support contain sensitive information and require us to validate the identity of individuals requesting assistance. For this reason some individual issues must be reported only by authorized individuals. Please understand that this protocol may cause some delay in our ability to respond to an issue.

If your request concerns the use and functionality of the NC Student Information System (NC SIS), report your problem to your district's NC SIS Coordinator or designated school personnel who has been given authorization to call or submit Remedy tickets to the Home Base Support Center.

If you have questions regarding this do not hesitate to call and request to speak with a supervisor or manager.

Our business hours are Monday - Friday, 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


Users are encouraged to submit a remedy ticket through our Home Base Support Center Portal located at http://www.nc-sis.org/remedyform.asp. For mobile devices you may use the mobile Home Base Support Portal located at http://www.nc-sis.org/mobile-remedyform.html.


Technical Support
System Name E-mail Phone
NC SIS (PowerSchool) homebase.incidents@its.nc.gov (919) 807-4357
NC IIS homebase.incidents@its.nc.gov (919) 807-4357
CECAS cecas.incidents@its.nc.gov (919) 807-4357
CTE cte-ims.incidents@its.nc.gov (919) 807-4357
DPI Internal dpi.incidents@its.nc.gov (919) 807-4357
HRMS hrms.incidents@its.nc.gov (919) 807-4357
Transportation bsip.incidents@its.nc.gov (919) 807-4357


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